In the summer of 2019 I travelled to Louisiana to continue research on my ongoing work Membering. I was grateful to have the opportunity to teach in the local public high school for a two week STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) workshop. My cousins, Wilma, Ralph, and Sheila are all educators or administrators in the school system in Bastrop which is the sister town to Mer Rouge. I used the theories and practices of Wendy Ewald as a guide for my two week engagement with the more than seventy students of a wide range of ages.  All of the photographs were accompanied by written essays. The students used my mobile phone and a mini-poloroid camera that I had won in a contest to make the work which was later postered on the walls of the central town square in Bastrop, across from the courthouse. The outdoor exhibition gave the students visibility in a social space where they do not often have a presence. I hope to continue my engagement with the students of Bastrop and Mer Rouge in the future. The project title is based on one of the essays written by Tre.