Meredith Davenport teaches in the BFA program at the Rochester Institute of Technology- a teaching focused institution.  She teaches on topics and skills in non-fiction narrative and classes related to photojournalism and documentary media- an area she has worked in for 20 years. She is particularly interested in multi-disciplinary project based classes that explore and push beyond traditional classroom and lecture models. She is engaged in teaching on an international scope working on a joint partnership with Malmö University in Sweden. She has co-taught a class in Dubai and is currently developing an international summer class at the American University in Kosovo and RIT around post-conflict issues in the region.  She works with MFA students in critiques and through invited lectures.


RIT Classes

Photo Arts 1

An introduction to photography for incoming freshman, this class introduces technical skills like metering and exposure and the use of Adobe Lightroom, with an emphasis on developing clear ideation and critical thinking.


Photo Arts 2

This class builds on the skills learned in Photo Arts 1 and adds an introduction to basic studio lighting techniques, ratios and flash photography.


Photo Arts 3

The third installment of the Photo Arts series of classes work to strengthen the basic skills already learned with the goal of creating a final project at the end of the quarter.


Multimedia 1

An introduction to narrative using basic skills in photography, sound and video. Students learn to record sound, edit video and develop strategies to tell stories effectively with these different tools.


Multimedia 2
This class builds on the basic Multimedia 1 class to learn more advanced editing and shooting techniques and to develop a longer term project.


Elements of Photojournalism

An introduction to photojournalism that includes basic on location lighting techniques and the exploration of non-fiction story telling with single and multiple images.


Community News Journalism

This class developed a community website called 585 Magazine. The content, which was created during the course of the class, contained local stories about Rochester*


Documentary and Contemporary Art

An elective class that explored the contemporary relationships, changing boundaries and practices in journalism, documentary photography and socially engaged art practices*


Photojournalism and the Internet

This class worked collectively to research new approaches to telling stories on the internet and mobile devices. The research was used to develop ideas and strategies for creating a contemporary delivery system for existing student work*


Alternate Influences: Magnum and the History of Photojournalism

An elective class that used the history of Magnum Photos as a starting point to think about issues in the history and contemporary practice of documentary photography and photojournalism*


Special Topics: Multimedia Projects-Upstate Girls

A collaborative class with the award winning photojournalist Brenda Ann Kenneally and her 10 year project on women living in poverty in Upstate New York. The students edited, organized and worked to conceptualize a non-linear online documentary of Kenneally’s work*

Dubai: City as Site

Using the city of Dubai as a departure point, this group of students created daily journals and maps of their experiences on the 10 day trip. These observations and accounts became the basis of a joint design charette with a group of international students from the American University around the idea of “souvenir”. The RIT students also completed their own individual projects based on their experiences which became a book and an exhibition. I worked with Professor Roberley Bell on this class in Dubai.


Senior Projects for Photojournalism

A senior capstone project class for photojournalism students that is required for graduation where students develop a long form narrative in one of three areas: photography, multimedia or picture editing. All students research and write a final paper. The class presented their work in a final exhibition First Comes Trust *


Photojournalism Portfolio

A professional development class that evaluates and strengthens the senior portfolio and discusses strategies for job applications, interviews and cover letters. Student’s also developed business materials like cards, photo releases and basic contracts*


Transmedia Publishing

A class that explored designing and telling a story across platforms including print, web, mobile, social media and installation. Taught in collaboration with the Media Sciences Department, students from various programs collaborated to create a final transmedia project*

 *new curriculum

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