Theater of War

You can view a PDF with some excerpts and selected essays from my book Theater of War here
Generosity of Strangers

A book of produced by the students in the Documentary Projects in Kosovo. The book includes text and photographs made during the summer study program in Prishtina. It can be downloaded at here


is a series of chapbooks that explores the political and personal narratives of slavery through the history of my family.  Mer Rouge is a town in Louisiana named for the red fields of dirt that rise as you drive over the hill towards the center of town. The place was settled with enslaved people who were brought there by my ancestor Josiah Davenport. Third Spacing and the other chapbooks are a work in process that bring together family documents, conversations and photographs made during the reckoning of my family's history and weave together the complex narratives we create to tolerate the unresolved and unreconciled history of slavery in the United States. These books are in process. You can download a PDF of the latest version here